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Great international school was established in the year 2008.  School provides a friendly environment for all the students, teachers and parents. Having a global perspective, our school use the best and latest technologies and pedagogical practices to ensure that the learning outcome is meaningful and effective. We follow a holistic approach of instilling the right virtues, moral and ethical values in our students to create a sense of fulfillment in them. The approach of lifelong learning makes the children smart and capable to take up more new challenges in any level of education or career. Our vision is that to develop great innovators, thinkers, creators and leaders out of our students for a better India.

The School ensures to guide the students in a way wherein they are able to develop into responsible and thoughtful future citizens in our society.



GIRS aims to develop critical & creative skills of the student, promoting ethical and moral conduct at every level, which learn to respect cultural diversities and individual differences. The school envisages developing strong academic, communication, research and organisational skills through their curriculum.


GIRS aim to provide students a value-enriched education, fostering a strong sense of individual and community responsibility; an integrated, experimental learning in basic academic disciplines in preparation for higher learning, moulding them into dynamic and confident individuals who will step out as responsible world citizens. And more essentially, good humans.

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